[Squeakland] Keyboard support for eToys?

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 23 10:45:28 PST 2004


As far as I know, there exist 2 changesets that allow a Morph motion to be 
controlled by keyboard - one from Scott Wallace and one from Ned Konz. I am 
just a messanger, they will be able to provide more details, but here are 
links to some related mail:


If you go through that thread you will see both changesets attached plus some 


On December 21, 2004 05:12 am, Marcus Denker wrote:
> [resend, the first mail was lost somehow...]
> Hi,
> On the german list the question came up about etoys and keyboard
> support.
> Is it possible to e.g. control the car with the keyboard? I searched
> the list,
> and in 2002 Karl Ramberg posted an enhancement (etoy keystroke.5.cs).
> Has this (or something similar) been added to etoys in the meantime?
> Another interesting question we got on the list (by a very motivated
> teacher):
> How to extend eToys. The teacher would like to build an eToy based
> environment for teaching math to older kids, and he would like to
> provide
> some pre-defined tiles.
> I think this view of eToys as a framework for building curriculums is
> quite
> interesting, but there is no documentation about how to do "etoy"
> Metaprogramming...
>       Marcus
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