[Squeakland] Where can I find a description of make siblings

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sun Dec 26 15:34:46 PST 2004

Hi scott

I digested quite well your explanation (in fact this was what I 

I was always thinking that halo actions would not contain copy *and* 
make a sibling.

> The change made in 3.8 is that once an object has been *scripted*, the 
> halo handle seen at the top-right of its halo will now be an olive 
> colored handle whose operation makes a sibling-instance rather than a 
> deep-copy.

and in addition this is what confused me. I was looking anymore at halo 
actions since I thought that I would get all the time the make-sibling 
(and not copy).  What pierre-andre was suggesting was to have 
make-sibling per default and with with plus green halo copy. this
way you do not have to go into the halo menu mess.


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