[Squeakland] Where can I find a description of make siblings

Dreyfuss Pierre-André (EDU) pierre-andre.dreyfuss at edu.ge.ch
Wed Dec 29 17:37:15 PST 2004


There are projects like snake eating stars for which sibling is the best
solution and other for instance making traffic light, for which duplicate is

Just take an ellipse and make a script on  giving a bright red color to the
ellipse and off giving  a dark red.

To get the yellow  light, make a copy.
Now you just have to change the red color by the yellow one  in the two

The kids are very surprised that now  their onld red light is magically
turned to a yellow one if the copy is a sibling one.

For me the best solution is to have by default a duplicate halo and
by clicking with the  shift key down  to get a sibling. 

For kids or common user, it seems to me that the idea that a copied object
is doing the same things that the original one because the scripts are
copied too and are the same.

This inducing the idea to get a copy and just change the color in the
scripts, this is only working with duplicate.

For a programmer making an instance is more economic, specialy  if we have
to make a lot of instances.

All that to say we need both. We need an easy way to make our choice and 
we have to choose the most intuitive one as default.

Parts bin  are making duplicate.

But the Make button for connectors is making sibling.

Saying this, I just get the idea that objects get a check box saying if they
have to be copied as duplicate  or as sibling.

This way part bin will be able to create either sibling or duplicate
depending of the future use of the object.

This will be coherent with the actual behavior, just the check box will
change when the object  is getting a script.

And last but not least  the duplicate as default beeing a preference of
E-toy friendly.

Best regards

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Hi Folks --

Actually, this is all being thought through once again as we try to
and build the "Omniuser Authoring System" of which the next version of
kids' etoys system should be a subset.

I think that copy actions are too cavalier on the one hand, and classes
too top down and rigid on the other. We need something in between these
extremes. E.g. I would like to be able to "promote" an example player to

being a "source" for instances. I think this will call for several UI 
changes, including ways to mark and find the "sources".




At 06:34 AM 12/26/2004, stéphane ducasse wrote:
>Hi scott
>I digested quite well your explanation (in fact this was what I
>I was always thinking that halo actions would not contain copy *and*
>a sibling.
>>The change made in 3.8 is that once an object has been *scripted*, the

>>halo handle seen at the top-right of its halo will now be an olive 
>>colored handle whose operation makes a sibling-instance rather than a 
>and in addition this is what confused me. I was looking anymore at halo

>actions since I thought that I would get all the time the make-sibling 
>(and not copy).  What pierre-andre was suggesting was to have
>per default and with with plus green halo copy. this
>way you do not have to go into the halo menu mess.
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