[Squeakland] 'Help Us Grow' campaign is launched

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Mon May 24 07:50:15 PDT 2004

Dear Squeaklanders -

I am writing to announce Viewpoints Research Institute's first "Help 
us Grow" fundraising drive.  If you'll take a look at 
http://www.squeakland.org, you'll see the details of our campaign.

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization it is incumbent upon us to 
solicit and receive funds from individuals, corporations and other 
grant-making agencies to keep our tax exempt status, and enable 
ongoing work.

This is the first time we're appealing to you, our community, for 
your help, not only/necessarily for your contribution, but for your 
help to spread the word, share Squeak with others, and use your own 
networks to help us raise funds so that we can continue to develop 
the Squeak and Etoy frameworks, the website, and this community.

In the spirit of open source development and shareware, we ask for 
your help to allow us to continue our research, development, sharing 
and dissemination effort.

We thank you again for being a part of Squeakland, and for your help 
in raising funds for our organization.   Please forward this mail to 
anyone you know that might be interested in contributing to our 

best regards,

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