[Squeakland] very new etoys user question

Sue Bicknell bicknell at treko.net.au
Sat May 22 21:55:55 PDT 2004

I am a primary teacher who has introduced her class to Squeak. My kids have
made cars move around the screen, and want to make rockets move on a
background. I have "Powerful Ideas..." but can't work out what to do to
assemble their painted backgrounds and their rocket object together. Do I
put them both on a playfield? How do I get them there and alter the size of
the playfield. I can see what to do with the scripts when I have them in the
same environment.
Sorry about this super-basic question but can't find another forum to
assist. Happy to receive suggestions for a more suitable discussion group if
there is one for newbies with etoys.

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