[Squeakland] New Version available on Squeakland!!

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Thu Sep 9 08:01:10 PDT 2004

Dear Squeaklander,

We're happy to announce an improved version of Squeak for your use! 
If you visit the Squeakland website, and select the "download" 
option, you'll get this latest, greatest, version.

MacUsers:  You'll meet with success using Safari as your browser. (IE 
is no longer supported by Apple and we have found problems 
downloading Squeak via IE, so please use Safari.)

The Etoy interface should look and behave as you'd expect.  We've 
listened to you last school year and this summer, and added some 
goodies and fixed some bugs.  One thing that may look different is 
the main Etoy font.  We've made sure we are only using public domain 
fonts to ensure our public domain,  open source license agreement. 
You'll find some new fonts and sizes that work well when making 
presentations or booklets.  Some of the menus may have a slightly 
different look as well, but you'll find the menu options have not 

You'll find some new goodies in the supplies bin/flap including a 
"grab patch"  tool  and a "lasso" which allow you to do screen grabs 
and move sketches or parts of sketches around the screen.

Many changes that were made are deeper in the code and "behind the 
scenes" to allow for a truly "multilingual" Squeak.  You'll see a new 
button on the navigator marked "English".  This button will allow you 
to change the language displayed on the tiles.  The version you'll 
download will include Spanish and German and we're working on several 
more languages which will be available soon.

We are aware of one lingering bug, which we want you to be aware of 
and to know we're working hard to fix:   When you load an older 
project into this new version, since the fonts have changed, you 
might find that the text in tiles in the old project may not look 
"quite right", i.e. the text may not fit perfectly into the tiles. 
Your scripts will still run; this is a "cosmetic" problem only.  We 
beg your patience and hope we'll be loading a fix into the update 
stream to fix this soon.

We especially wish to thank those of you who attended SqueakFest in 
Chicago for testing an earlier version of this update.  And now, we 
ask all of you to report any errors or oddities you might encounter 
with this version, and send your commments, please.

Should you happen to you receive an error message, it would be 
*extremely* helpful to us if you'd "store the error log" and attach 
it to an email reporting your problem.  (This log will be saved in 
the "My Squeak" folder on your desktop and time and date stamped for 
identification.) Similiarly, if you encounter problems with a 
particular project, attaching that "problem project" to an email will 
also help us understand your problem greatly.  Any email reporting 
problems, questions or errors should be sent to info at squeakland.org. 
General comments for discussion should be send to the Squeakland 
group mailing address so more people can participate in the 

We wish you all a great start to the new academic year.  Please 
remember we are always looking for interesting stories and reports on 
what you are doing.  We'd love to include your experiences in the 
"Squeak News" that appears on the Squeakland website.  We'll be 
posting more documentation and goodies to Squeakland soon, so please 
check back often.

Good luck getting "back to school" and keep on Squeaking!
best regards,

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