[Squeakland] animation, holder

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Thu Sep 9 09:47:56 PDT 2004

On Thursday 09 September 2004 3:07 am, Randy Heiland wrote:
> Hi Squeakers!  I just went to Squeakland, downloaded updates, and was
> experimenting with creating a simple animation - per the "Powerful
> Ideas..." book and Squeakfest tutorial.  It seems there is no longer a
> "Holder's playerAtCursor" tile in a Holder's viewer.  Is that true?
> What do I do?

It's in the 'collections' vocabulary category.

Search is your friend.

Of course, I only started using the search facility at SqueakFest, but it's a 
great tool.

> I was pleased to see that dropping frames into the Holder is no longer
> plagued with the annoying problem of having to put the cursor in "just
> the right position".  In fact, it seems that the behavior of a Holder is
> more dynamic than what I remember from Squeakfest, in that it resizes
> according to how many frames you drop in and allows for easy rearranging
> of frames - or maybe those features were already there and I didn't
> realize it.

It should have already done this, I think.

Also, Scott added an interesting feature where if you put an object's *tile* 
into a Holder and then use the "tellAllContents:" command, the named script 
will be run on the object that the tile refers to.

> Although I didn't really push it, I'm wondering, if I drop 
> in so many frames that the Holder exceeds the size of my world/screen,
> will the Holder automatically reveal scrollbars?  (It would be nice :)

No, it won't do that.

Ned Konz

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