[Squeakland] Sharing project inside the classroom

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez jredrejo at merida.uned.es
Tue Apr 5 11:05:06 PDT 2005

I am working in a project that gives, using Squeak, some special tools
for the teacher in the classroom. In fact, this is a project for foreign
language teacher. The teacher prepares a project with the vocabulary and
grammar the student must use, gives him a subject, based on a known
book, and the student must create something similar to a cartoon inside
Squeak, using some of the tools included in squeakland image and some
others I am developing.  

After this small brief, my doubts are coming thinking about how the
teacher can give the information to the students. An immediate idea was
publishing the project the teacher prepares in some swiki, and students
can pick it up from the swiki. This is good in a perfect world, but
internet access  usually are slow and, due to Murphy's laws, use to be
down just when the teacher begins the exercises. I would like to have
something like this:  
- The teacher prepare the Squeak project, press a button and says 'I'am
Mr. Smith'.  
- The students press a button in their squeak images and say 'look for
Mr. Smith's project', and it gets loaded inside their squeak image and
can begin to work immediately.    
So simple, so fast using the LAN classroom.   

I really don't know if this is already done, if there would be better
ways to do it. Maybe most of the needed tools are already done and
inside Squeak ¿netmorphs, collaborative tools?.  Probably, Croquet would
be the solution, but most classrooms don't have openGL cards in their
computers...  Can anybody put some light on my mind?

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