[Squeakland] XP, Smartboard, and Squeak?

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Wed Apr 13 12:48:54 PDT 2005

Hi, Arvind -
What do you mean by "never able to use the halo"?  Perhaps if you say 
more we can offer more help?

At 1:58 PM -0400 4/13/05, Arvind Grover wrote:
>Bob, I had a great time using a SmartBoard with Squeak for an
>after-school club. I was never able to use the halo, but simply being
>able to drag objects around with visually very compelling to the
>students' understanding of objects. If you figure out a workaround,
>please me know, because I hope to have a SmartBoard in my classroom next
>I didn't really try out the on-screen keyboard, but I know the
>SmartBoard is not fond of pressing two points on the board at once,
>which is probably why your alt-click is not working.
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>I realize this may be out of left field, but has anyone ever tried the
>above configuration?  We are getting smartboards in all the classrooms
>next year, and I am experimenting with one now.  I think the tactileness
>(tactility?) of the Smartboard and Squeak are a winning combination, but
>I can't figure out how to get the halo of an object, since I can't
>ALT-Click onscreen.   I've tried using the ALT key on the Smartboard
>onscreen keyboard, but no go.
>If no one has done this, are there any developer types with a
>suggestion for a hack of Squeak?   And I mean hack in the best way
>possible, of course.
>Thanks in advance,
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