[Squeakland] Pausing animation?

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Wed Apr 27 08:07:41 PDT 2005

Hi, Bert, Bob -

I actually believe Bob might be asking about pausing and starting up 
action again.  And this should be able to be done in a couple of ways 

Have you seen the "scripting" category in an object's viewer?  There 
is a "pause script" command there which you should be able to use.

There should be a way to insert a pause by of putting something into 
a holder as well, I am thinking of something like a rest in music so 
that the cursor could "play a few blanks" and then resume.   You 
could probably make a "transparent player" and insert that in the 
holder for a few frames and that would do the job.

Do others have advice for Bob here?

At 10:39 AM +0200 4/27/05, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>Am 19.04.2005 um 20:21 schrieb Bob Irving:
>>  I can't find a way to insert a pause in an animation.  My students want
>>  to slow down their animations.  I taught Microworlds last year, and in
>>  that language, you inserted a pause of x seconds in the script to slow
>>  down the motion.
>>  Is there a way to do this in Squeak?
>Hold down the mouse button on the tiny clock face in your script. This
>brings up a menu allowing you to adjust the tick rate.
>- Bert -
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