[Squeakland] cellular automata

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Wed Apr 27 19:26:49 PDT 2005

Hi Yoshiki,  Well, ideally, Kedama will become part of the core Squeak/Etoys
someday and that would certainly help resolve this particular type of
project request.  But, yes, I am primarily interested in projects that I can
introduce to classroom settings and have the students be able to
reproduce/extend a given project by simply installing Etoys - and not have
to download/install extra packages.


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>   Randy,
> > Am I able to create a very simple cellular automata example using just
> > Etoys?  Basically, create a small 2-D grid of cells and assign on/off
> > (black/white) to a cell based on its neighbor(s).  A simple,
> > Wolfram-style 1-D CA is what I had in mind.
>   Does "Just Etoys" mean without Kedama?  The "forest fire" example of
> Kedama shows one form of cellular automata.
>   I'm thinking to hook up BitBlt with Kedama's Patch Variables.  That
> will give us another set of rich patch programming examples.
> -- Yoshiki
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