[Squeakland] A few questions

Darius darius at inglang.com
Thu Apr 28 23:25:03 PDT 2005


> * ... the updates did not execute well ...

Could you send a couple of the SqueakDebug.log files from the offending PC's to
the list from the C:\My Squeak\<user name> folder?

When you select the "about this system" menu option from the help menu from the
world menu, do you see: "Squeakland 3.8.5967 latest update: #419"?

If you click on the "System Box" in the top right corner of the MS Windows
window that contains the Squeak program (to the left of the title bar), then
select the menu option "VM preferences", then "Display version information", do
you see "Squeak 3.6.2 / Tea 1.9 VM (release) from Nov 12 2003 Compiler: gcc
2.95.2 19991023 (release)" ?

> * ... about objects disappearing from session to session ...

Have you tried "middle click" on the world, select the "menu" halo, select
"playfield options...", select "round up strays" & then "show all players" from
the same "playfield options..." menu?


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