[Squeakland] forums status?

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Fri Apr 29 15:54:46 PDT 2005

Hi, Randy -

Interesting (and well-timed) that  you should ask!  The forums 
(software) had some issues with security/virus vulnerabilities and so 
we pulled it offline for a short time.  I just checked and found  we 
launched "forums" just about one year ago.

It wasn't for some time that I even realized they were "down" but 
noticed in conjuction with one of our power outages and sent a query 
to Mike and "the guys".

We decided just this week that because of lack of activity, and 
noticing that no one in "Squeakland" had spoken up expressing dismay 
that the foum(s) was unavailable, we decided to call it an 
"experiment" that wasn't terribly successful.   There were great 
lengths of time the forums went without new input, etc.

All this stated, I am now asking you, and all the other 
Squeaklanders, to speak up if you wish to have the forums brought 
back online.

It seems to me that this mailing list has been more effective  and 
successful overall, but perhaps that assessment is incorrect.

What do people think about forums?  Do you want them back - despite a 
possible security risk or "vulnerabilities" with the forum software? 
Please send your comments and thoughts.

  - Kim

>How long is  forums.squeakland.org  expected to be down?
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