[Squeakland] Tile-Script Scrollbar[was]clear object-specific pen trails

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Jun 6 10:48:46 PDT 2005

Randy Heiland wrote:
> My head's spinning, so would someone please enlighten me.  Is there a
> publicly-available etoys-Tweak project (i.e, has the etoys-Squeak UI) out
> there for download somewhere? 

Yes, this exists but before I tell you where to go, read the disclaimer: 
This stuff is being actively developed and therefore many things aren't 
done yet, broken, or only halfways finished. If you expect to see 
something that even "mostly" works, you're better off waiting a little. 
I've put up (some rather small) screenshots at:


if you just want to get the idea of what the interface looks like for 
now. That said, here are your installation instructions:
* Go to tweak.impara.de
* Download Tweak-3.8-6665.zip (from the download section)
* Start it
* Using the button on the desktop open a "Tweak project window"
* Go to the '?' menu, and "Load updates"
   This will take quite a while and might raise a few notifiers.
   Don't worry, all will be well.
* When finished, close the Tweak project window and get a new one (the 
old one is slightly damaged after the updates)

You're ready to go. To play with it:
* Go to Tools and choose "Painting" (first entry) to draw an object
* Use the halo just as you would normally.
* To load/save projects use the menu [*]

[*] Another disclaimer: Projects which you create with this version will 
NOT load into final version. We will not support migration of projects 
that have been created during interim stages of development.

I had been playing with the powerful ideas book - example projects from 
the first sections can be found here:


> Is Tweak synonymous with the Croquet project?

No. Tweak is but one part of Croquet.

   - Andreas

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