[Squeakland] Windows 98 (or 95)

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I've had that same result with my Squeakland install.

When I installed on Win98 without a user login, I got that result (but
it didn't fail). On a WinME with a user log in it used the login name
(same on Win2K). 

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  Does anybody use the latest Squeakland Squeak on Windows 98 (or 95)?
I've got one report from a user of the new Japanese version and he says
Squeak trys to create a folder named:

	 My Squeak/"user name"

upon the installation, but instead of some other string, it actually
trys to create:

	 My Squeak/%USERNAME%

and fails.

  I'd like to figure out that the problem is something to do with the
packaging of the Japanese version, or somehow the Squeakland version
shares the same problem.

  Thank you!

-- Yoshiki

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