[Squeakland] Fwd: Supercomputing Conference Education Program inSeattle

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Sat Mar 19 03:57:46 PST 2005

Thanks for posting this, Kim.  I had previously contacted Krishna Madhavan
at Purdue who is the Curriculum Director for the SC Education Program,
expressing an interest in doing a tutorial (or whatever) that used Squeak.
I've since been confused over the actual deadline for submissions (as there
is both an April 30 and a May 23 deadline floating around for the Ed
submissions) and have contacted Cathie Dager (your posting) for

Anyway, I have one Squeak-related idea for introducing "high-performance
computing" to elementary school kids, using modeling, graphics, and
message-passing, that I thought might be interesting.  If anyone at
Viewpoints or the greater Squeakland community has an interest in
collaborating on this, I'd love to hear from you.  In particular, I thought
it would be cool to do something similar to Yoshiki's Kedama.  I was
thinking of a space-partititioned, faux-multiprocessor, requiring
message-passing, cellular automata or artificial life project.

Any interest?


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> You may be interested....
> cheers to all,
> Kim
> >Subject: Supercomputing Conference Education Program in Seattle
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> >Please share this information:
> >
> >The SC05 Supercomputing Education Program this year, November 12-15
> >in Seattle, will be one of the most innovative and exciting programs
> >available to faculty, undergraduate students, and K-12 instructors.
> >For more information look at
> >http://sc05.supercomputing.org/programs/edu-outreach.php and the
> >deadline for applications is April 30.
> >
> >Cathie Dager
> >Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
> >SC05 Education Committee
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