[Squeakland] Recursion supported in etoys script ?

JOHN VOIKLIS voiklis at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 08:07:34 PST 2005

Hello all,

A couple of days ago (when this thread was still fresh), I tried to
mail out a quick and dirty example of what I thought Alan was
describing; the project file was too big and the message bounced.

Anyway, I finally found the relocated Squeakland super swiki and have
posted the project there:


For those new to the list, the super swiki
(http://squeakalpha.org:8080/super) serves as a repository and gallery
of projects that have been shared by the Squeak community. You can
choose to save a project to the super swiki when you click "publish
it;" before this suggestion gets people in trouble, though, I remind
you to think hard about privacy issues before publishing just any
project on the super swiki.



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