[Squeakland] mathematical text in squeak

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez jredrejo at merida.uned.es
Thu May 5 23:58:17 PDT 2005

El vie, 06-05-2005 a las 00:44 +0200, karl escribió:
> José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> >Finally, I have been able to modify this behaviour and now text is
> >centered aligned vertically with the images inside Scamper and
> >GeeMailMorph (I use scamper to import the html latex rendered text and
> >Geemail to present the text). I can send the changeset if anybody wants
> >it.
> >
> Please post it, I like to take a look at it.
> Karl
Some other people has asked me for it out of this list, but it is easier
if I send it here, so anybody can take a look. So, here it goes.

It adds that behaviour by default to Scamper and GeeMail.
The key is in the TextComposer composeEachRectangleIn: rectangles
method. I have added an instance variable called baseline. If the value
is 0, the behaviour is the normal behaviour in Squeak (bottom alignment
of text in lines), if its value is 1 the text is aligned in the middle
of the line.
I have created a TextMorphForEditViewVertical and
MultiNewParagraphVertical classes to replace the TextMorphForEditView
and MultiNewParagraph classes used by geemail (in fact TextPlusMorph is
the text editor for geemail) and scamper. This classes are exactly equal
as its parent classes, excepting they use the baseline =1 property.

To check how it works, just load in Scamper this web page
http://www.itais.net/matriz2.html , before and after aplying the
attached changeset. The differences are obvious if you look at the
matrix graphics.

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