[Squeakland] Training on E-Toys and E-toys/I2C support (for robotics...)

Samir Saidani saidani at info.unicaen.fr
Wed May 11 08:48:28 PDT 2005

Hi all,

It seems that there is more and more teachers interested by squeak and
E-toys, and we organized a training on Squeak and E-Toys for teachers
few weeks ago. So I'm very interested if you have some materials to
use, I'm especially interested on posters (with sources for
translation !), relevant .pr showing interesting aspects on E-toys,
and sharing problems or ways to address such trainings.

I have also two questions :

1. We are working now on a way to use E-Toys to control sensors and
   motors and hence enlarge the possibility offered by E-toys : I
   think about robotics, domotics, computer-assisted
   experimentation... We have already tested robotics with children
   during holiday's camp using LOGO and we are planning to test the
   new SqueakBot platform providing the necessary I2C support for this
   kind of stuff this summer (available on SqueakSource). Anyone
   interested on a collaboration ? I remember that there was a weather
   station done on Squeak, so do you know if this is available
   somewhere ?

2. Is there a way to create directories in SqueakLand project server,
   for instance I would like to create a french-speaking directory to
   allow french-speaking teachers and children sharing their
   projects. (Unfortunately learning foreign languages is a problem in
   this country, and this could be an hindrance for children... and
   teachers !)

Oh, yes, I played a little with E-toys, and do a little game inspired
by Dance Dance Revolution, look at Rabbit.pr attached here. I have a
problem with playing a mp3 sound during the game, it hangs sometimes
and changing the priority of the player doesn't work... Ideas ? Last
thing, this project is placed under DDR Licence (Dance Dance Rabbit
Licence), not sure that this is compatible with Squeak-L because of
the exportation law - DDR Licence demands that you don't export this
project to countries where foxes are living ;-) Euh, I am in doubt, is
there ever any foxes in earth ?


Samir SAIDANI				
PhD Student in CS / Doctorant en informatique 	web : http://www.info.unicaen.fr/~saidani
Universite de Caen - Laboratoire GREYC          tel : 02-31-56-74-30
Equipe MAD - Campus II - 14032 Caen Cedex       fax : 02-31-56-76-30

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