[Squeakland] scripted drawing as an object?

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Thu May 26 02:29:03 PDT 2005

Hi, Randy,

There's no direct feature for doing this right now, though it's easy 
enough to add one -- load in the attached project, for example -- it 
adds an item "snapshot pen trails" to the various pen-trails-related 
menus for a playfield; please try it out and see what you think.

By the way, when you do use one of the screen-grabbing tools to 
create a new "Sketch," from pen-trails or from anything else on the 
screen, here's a way you can get rid of those "more pixels than you 
really want"...

From the halo menu of the SketchMorph created by the grab, choose 
"painting..." and from the resulting submenu...


choose "erase pixels of color".  Now you'll be presented with a 
cursor; click on the color of the superfluous background you want to 
erase, and voilà! -- just what you wanted.  And notice that the 
resulting Sketch is smartly trimmed down accordingly.


  -- Scott

At 2:09 PM -0500 5/25/05, Randy Heiland wrote:
>Hi Squeakers,
>In Etoys, can I make some drawing that was the result of a script become an
>object?  For example, consider the simple circle-drawing script (fwd by,
>turn by, pen down).  Can I somehow treat that resulting circle as an object
>and thereby make copies of it, etc?  I realize that I could use either the
>'Grab Patch' or 'Lasso' in the Supplies to manually "select" the circle,
>however that approach of course gives me more pixels than I really want.
>Thanks, Randy
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