[Squeakland] scripted drawing as an object?

Bert Freudenberg bert at impara.de
Thu May 26 09:05:19 PDT 2005

Am 26.05.2005 um 17:56 schrieb Randy Heiland:

> Bert:
>> 4e. Replace the text shown there:
>> =====================
>> setGraphicFromTrails
>>      self setGraphic: Form3
>> =====================
>> with the following (just copy and paste):
>> =====================
>> setGraphicFromTrails
>> self setGraphic: ((self costume instVarNamed: #turtleTrailsForm)
>> ifNotNilDo: [:f | f trimBordersOfColor: Color transparent])
>> =====================
>> Accept using Cmd-s (Alt-s on PC).
> FWIW, I'm unable to copy/past into the tile/text field (I'm on  
> Windows).
> I've attached images of the steps that I take, after manually  
> typing in the
> code - basically trying to save it - but Alt-s doesn't seem to do  
> it, nor
> does using the 'Accept' in the menu.  So I'm never able to see this  
> tile
> appear in the Playfield category.

Well it looks like Alt-s worked for you since the indentation changed  
as it was supposed to. But seemingly you tried to switch back to tile- 
mode? You should not do this, but stay in text mode. Just hide the  
script with the "o" button.

The tile will not show up in the "playfield" category, but in the  
"scripts" category. This is just a regular etoy script (albeit one  
edited in text mode).

- Bert -

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