[Squeakland] scripted drawing as an object?

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Thu May 26 09:56:16 PDT 2005

Hi, Randy,

Seemingly you loaded my project into your image, then "saved" your 
image.   Then the next time you started up Squeak you found that it 
started up looking just like the version you'd "saved."

And yes -- that's what "saving an image" is all about :=)

(Whereas I guess you were hoping that the project's code would remain 
in the image but the project itself would not?)

Normally, when one loads up a project to check it out, after one is 
done one simply quits out of Squeak without explicitly "saving" the 
image.  If you "save" an image after loading a project into it -- 
*any* project -- then the next time you start up that image, it will 
come up showing that project.  This has nothing to do with the 
particular project I sent out; this will happen if you load *any* 
project into an image and then save the image...

Anyway -- to undo the effect, either of the following should work:

(a)  Start up your altered image.  If it opens up showing my project, 
simply navigate to the *previous* project, *delete* my project from 
the thumbnail project-view you see there, then save your image again.

(b)  Or, alternatively, delete the image, and download a fresh one 
from Squeakland.

Sorry for any misunderstandings about this.  I sent my changes out as 
a project file rather than as a change-set simply so that more people 
would easily be able to try it out, not for people to "save" within 
their permanent, ongoing Squeak iamges.


  -- Scott

At 10:56 AM -0500 5/26/05, Randy Heiland wrote:
>Scott: I read in your project file and saw that, sure enough, it allows me
>to do what I want.  I also realized that it actually modified my Squeakland
>image - and the next time I started Squeak, your project was displayed (and
>the Navigator and Supplies tabs were missing - although I realize I can
>toggle them via the world menu).  I'm showing my Etoys naivety here, but
>it'd be nice if, when I start up Squeak again, that the functionality
>provided by your project was more subtle :)

>>  4e. Replace the text shown there:
>>  =====================
>>  setGraphicFromTrails
>>       self setGraphic: Form3
>>  =====================
>>  with the following (just copy and paste):
>>  =====================
>>  setGraphicFromTrails
>>  self setGraphic: ((self costume instVarNamed: #turtleTrailsForm)
>>  ifNotNilDo: [:f | f trimBordersOfColor: Color transparent])
>>  =====================
>>  Accept using Cmd-s (Alt-s on PC).
>FWIW, I'm unable to copy/past into the tile/text field (I'm on Windows).
>I've attached images of the steps that I take, after manually typing in the
>code - basically trying to save it - but Alt-s doesn't seem to do it, nor
>does using the 'Accept' in the menu.  So I'm never able to see this tile
>appear in the Playfield category.
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