[Squeakland] Computer Language Definitions and Intelligibility

John Kershaw john at kershaw.org
Mon Jul 10 01:17:42 PDT 2006


Don't worry about it. Binding asks "How soon do I have to decide what kind
of 'thing' this variable represents?" which is important in some computer
languages, but not in Squeak. Everything in Squeak is an object, whether (to
you) it represents a number, a window or a wiggling worm 'sprite'. It's
always just an object, so you can happily change it's perceived type
whenever you like and Squeak won't mind.

If you tried the same thing in most other languages you'd get an error - if
you created a variable as type 'integer' then tried to give it the value '
7.3' your program would fail. Squeak wouldn't care :)


> From: Greg Smith <brucegregory at earthlink.net>
> > Subject: [Squeakland] Computer Language Definitions and
> >       Intelligibility
> > To: squeakland at squeakland.org

> > and came across the phrase, "extreme late binding".
> > This presented the same problem I always seem to encounter when
> > trying to learn any technical subject, from scratch.  Having no prior
> > background in the subject under discussion, I have no familiarity
> > with the insider lingo that inevitably exists in each and every text
> > on the written on the subject.
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