[Squeakland] squeakfest conclusions

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez jredrejo at merida.uned.es
Mon Jul 31 06:45:07 PDT 2006

El dom, 30-07-2006 a las 20:56 -0400, Bob Irving escribió:
> I'm sorry to hear that Seymour Papert's address didn't come out so
> well on video and audio.
> I took some very sketchy notes of his address and posted them on my
> blog, Shiftin' Paradigm Blues; the URL is in my sig below.  It was
> truly an inspiring address; I hope you can get some sense of it from
> my notes.
> Bob Irving
> Middle School Technology Facilitator
> Lancaster Country Day School
> Lancaster, PA
> Blog: http://cougar.e-lcds.org/wordpress/ 
> "Change is not death; fear of change is death."

Thanks so much for your notes. I have could get some of them from the
video, but I have learnt some others from your blog. Anyway, the video
lasts more than an  hour, so I suppose there are many more ideas left..

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