[Squeakland] Alan, Kim, & Squeak in education news again

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 26 21:06:30 PDT 2006

When I saw a link to this article I was excited about some marketing for new 
ways of education facilitated by Squeak and eToys. But when reading the 
article, it sounds quite confusing, and in some places more like commercial 
for Microsoft, Dell and Lenovo. If the company visited was Viewpoints 
Research, why does the article not mention it by name ... (unless it is 
trying to add to this "secrecy" theme that sort of scared me). Perhaps the 
author should be made to write a follow up that is reviewed before 
publishing :)


On 2006 June 26 10:07, Kim Rose wrote:
> I want to say that Alan and I were very disappointed with this
> article.  The writer was very taken with the facilities which our non
> profit is hosted and provided space.  Rivero spent more time
> describing that, than our work.  The "secret part" was relevant to
> what he saw in that facility that was *not from* Viewpoints. As this
> community well knows, nothing we do is kept secret.   And, the
> schools, etc. the articles go on to decribe have no relation to our
> work....
>    -- Kim
> At 10:52 PM -0700 6/25/06, Darius Clarke wrote:
> >Here's the link to the article:
> >
> >http://www.thejournal.com/articles/18654
> >
> >Teaching with Technology: The Secrets of Their Success
> >
> >by Victor Rivero
> >
> >Foremost leaders in education technology provide five lessons on using
> >today's tools to engage students, recharge teachers, and in some
> >cases, change the world.
> >
> >THIS DOESN'T SEEM to be the place to come to discover the secrets of
> >teaching with technology. Between drab warehouses to the left and
> >lonesome train tracks to the right, Alan Kay's office is in a
> >nondescript building set in the concrete fringes of Los Angeles. But
> >its interior puts the exterior to shame. It is swank and cavernous-a
> >good place to hide, as Kay, nowhere to be seen, appears to be doing...
> >
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