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Hübner, Uwe uh at msc-ge.com
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Hi Squeakers.

I wonder if I've missed something.
How can I create a 'Label' of a button?
(I think a 'button' is something I've drawn and
 now tell it to act upon mouse-down, isn't it?)
If a Label means text embedded into a drawing,
how can I change that text?



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Hi Kelly,

> Need a little help. I am trying to figure out how to use or (re-use  
> buttons). I have a button to fire a script.
> eg I have a sketch and when you press the button it runs around the  
> playfield.
> I want to be able to click the button a second time to stop the  
> script.
> I have tried many things but just cannot quite get there. Any  
> suggestions?? Thanks

You could ask the label of your button, if it says: "run" then run  
the sketch
_and_ change the label to "stop", and if it says "stop" vice versa.

"What makes sense to the user, often makes sense to the developer  
too..." ;-)


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