[Squeakland] Label of a button Was: RE: newbie(ish) question (buttons)

Hübner, Uwe uh at msc-ge.com
Thu Mar 2 05:44:14 PST 2006

No, it isn't.
We both just talked of
differend things that have the same name!

I 'painted' the ellipse.
You 'drew' it out of the 'Supplies' flap.

If I take it from the Supplies-flap, I can now
follow your describtion exactly!

Many thanks
and sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind regards,

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Hi Uwe,

> thanks for the 'extended' answer.
> Unfortunately I could not follow your description.
> I did the following:
> 1. I worked with Squeakland image 3.8-05 latest update: #531
> 2. I drew an 'Ellipse' and filled it
>    (that should become my 'button')
> 3. The balloon of the 'color-pipette-halo'
>    says: 'Repaint'.
This is bizarre. If I don't press any key at all and hover over the  
pipette in 3.8-05 #531 I get the following:

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