[Squeakland] Frog Newbie, "hopping" for an answer...

Hübner, Uwe uh at msc-ge.com
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Some hints, that might be responsible for your problems:

1. You should install Squeak as an Administrator
2. Squeak itself should be installed in directory C:\Program Files\Squeak 
   (or something like that since each language names its directories different)
3. Can you see a directory C:\My Squeak?
   Beyond this directory thers should be a directory like 'Your name', e.g.
   C:\My Squeak\My name
   There Squeak tries to store its 'projects'.
   There you need to have all sufficient 'rights', for example 'write a file'.
   Ask any person who can change the rights.

Additionally tell us which squeak version you have.
You can choose the language in the 'Navigateur' when you click on the 'earth'-Symbol.
You can see the version by pressing 'Esc' then clicking
on 'help' and then in the help menu on 'about this system'.
There you should have '3.8-05'.
Also the 'latest update:' information is important.
My current version is #531, there might be a more recent update.
An error message might be irrelevant.
What does it say?


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Hello, i am an elementary school teacher from France and i d like to use 
Squeak in my class (9years old) to teach part of the science and math 
curriculum. I've been thrilled by the possibilities offered by  Squeak 
to build e toys...and i am still in the process of discovering  that 
tool myself.! But i have some basic problems you maybe could help me to 
I downloaded a french translated version of the software and then the 
full version (in english). The two versions are running on my XP based 
PC. Here are my (big!) problems: i do not seem to be able to save my 
projects... and i cannot download any existing project from the web to 
explore from the Squeak menu (i always get an error message)!! Can 
anyone help?

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