[Squeakland] Movement oddity...

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Wed Mar 15 13:25:32 PST 2006

Hello, again:

	I've found an oddity with a simple script. I've attached a JPG of the  
script, which is the only one I've created in the image. Basically, the  
object is to track the mouse. If its X/Y is not equal to the mouse's X/Y  
it changes its own X/Y by one.

	If I set the script to fire an even number of times per second, it works.

	If I set it to fire an odd number of times, it bobbles. It goes to the  
right place, then moves off it by one, then goes to the right place.

	As if the update of the X/Y occurs out of synch with the event firing.


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