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Peace Jerome peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 24 20:34:25 PST 2006

Hi Blake, 

--- Blake <blake at kingdomrpg.com> wrote:

> Thanks, Jerome!
> Any thoughts on detecting mouse clicks?
> 	===Blake===

Sure since you asked.

First, I need some more info. When you say mouse
clicks what are you talking about? 

I know this sounds silly but I have a good reason for
asking. In Etoys you can set a script to be run on
mouse down or mouse up. Which should do for many

In the innards of squeak you can make distinctions
between click (an uninterupted mouse down, mouse up
sequence), double click ( two uninterupted sequences),

a startdrag interuption, and a timeout interuption.  

AFAIK eToys does not provide for the latter so one
needs to get by with the former.

The innards also provide for checking on whether the
red (left) yellow ( right ) or  ( blue ) button was
pressed . Etoys does not provide a way to test which
button AFAIK. Someone else may know more about the
etoy capabilities.  I got lured to the innards side of
squeak after getting frustrated by the limitations of
early etoys.

So, knowing this can you describe what you wish to
achieve more precisely?

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace

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