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>From within any project when you create a new project using the 'new' button
within the 'Navigator' flap you get a thumbnail of any empty project.  This
is the squeak 'hyperlink'.  If you clik on this thumbnail you will be in the
new project.  Linking arbitrary projects is most easly done using the
project history tool.  If you drag an 'object catalog' out of the supplies
flap and click on the 'navigation' button you will see the ProjectHistory
thumbnail.  Drag this onto your desktop and you will get a list of all your
projects. Like everything in Squekland, this list is 'alive', so you can
immediately click on any project and you will be taken there.  If you want a
separate link for a particular project just drag the project out of the
project history and you will get a thumbnail 'hyperlink' that will take you
to that project when you clik on it.  It's truly beautiful and very simple.
Hope this helps.



Tim Andrews



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Hey guys,


Is there a way to link projects together? Or to make a link to a project
from within another project. Kinda like hyperlinks in web pages? I am sure I
have seen this before but trolled the archives and can't find anything. 







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