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The link that Randy points to below discusses how to use Squeak Etoy 
projects as "better than Powerpoint" slides.

But there are three other ways to make links to projects. As usual, the UI 
could combine this better .... there could be better documentation ...

1. Look at the submenu New Morph from the world menu. The last item is Make 
link to Project. This will give you a list of all the projects in your 
image and choosing from this list will give you a thumbnail of the project 
that can be resized and used.

2. Any player can be a button. Go to "Extras" in the World menu and choose 
"Mouse Up Action". In here you can type any Squeak expression. The one you 
want here to e.g. go to a project named Gas Tank is: (Project named: 'Gas 
Tank') enter: false. This will produce a surrounding rollover frame and 
will take you to the named project on mouse up.

3. You can take any text object and choose part of it to make a hyperlink. 
Suppose you have "go here to see this" and you want to sensitize "here". Type
"go here<(Project named: 'Gas Tank') enter: false> to see this". Select 
"here<(Project named: 'Gas Tank') enter: false>". Alt (or control if you 
are on a Mac) 6 will bring up a menu for text options. "Choose Do It". The 
result will be "go here to see this" with the "here" colored blue, pressing 
on this will execute the Squeak expression "(Project named: 'Gas Tank') 
enter: false" and will take you there.



At 05:08 PM 3/27/2006, Randy Heiland wrote:
>Not sure if this is helpful or not, but:
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>Hey guys,
>Is there a way to link projects together? Or to make a link to a project 
>from within another project. Kinda like hyperlinks in web pages? I am sure 
>I have seen this before but trolled the archives and can't find anything.
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