[Squeakland] Fwd: Summer Squeak Workshops

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Mon May 15 18:00:20 PDT 2006

>The Office for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education at the 
>University of Illinois has scheduled two workshops for teachers and 
>administrators interested in learning Squeak and in exploring a 
>variety of curriculum applications. Please distribute this to those 
>you think may be interested in attending the workshops. There is no 
>charge for these workshops.
>    * Squeak is a programming language and multi-media environment 
>suitable for students K-12.
>    * Squeak applications include: interactive books, animations, 
>games, presentations, spoken words and music.
>    * Squeak can be used to explore math concepts dynamically: 
>numbers, operations, calculations, patterns, algebra, geometry and 
>    * Squeak is free and runs the same on Macs and PCs.
>Squeak Workshop Information
>Dates: June 19, 2006  9:00 A.M.- 4:00 P.M.
>           June 20, 2006  9:00 A.M.- 4:00 P.M.
>Reservations required by May 31, 2006: squeakcmi at uiuc.edu or call 
>the MSTE office 217/244-7486 or Avigail Snir at 351-4933, Kathleen 
>Harness 356-8904 for more information
>Lunch: There is too a free lunch.
>CPDU's: 7 per day
>Location: UIUC campus computer lab location (to be announced)
>Materials: on-line tutorials and example projects  www.squeakcmi.org
>George Reese
>Office for Mathematics, Science, and
>   Technology Education (MSTE)
>Office Phone: 217.333.6604

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