[Squeakland] squeakland plugin for unix

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Sun May 21 14:57:17 PDT 2006


Just a note regarding the error you are getting loading the Evolution Essay 
below:  I receive an error as well, but if I click "x" on the popup I am able 
to get into and run it (although it seems I cannot use it interactively, e.g. 
set my own goal at the end). Just wanted to let you know you can probably use 
it if you do the same. (Very interesting essay , just got through it only 
quickly). BTW, anyone knows what is the script used there - it look like 
eToys but now the same as the eToys script I know - anyone can explain if 
it's the newer or older version?

Regarding your question about how is the Squeakland image and VM different 
form "regular" - I assume you are asking explicitly about Linux: I am using 
Squeak on Linux but am not much qualified to answer your questions, but I see 
you received no replies on the list so let me try my best - hopefully not 
misrepresenting. Please see my notes inline:

On 2006 May 11 18:44, Brad Fuller wrote:
> Hi All,
> New to this list. I submitted the following email to squeak-dev.
> Anyone here answer these?
> =======================
> a few questions on the squeakland browser plugin for unix, if someone
> in-the-know can answer:
> Is the squeakland image special? (different from the regular ol' squeak
> images?)

Probably somewhat different from the "development" "Squeak3.8-6665.image" but 
close. I think many projects can be run using the 3.8-6665 image as your 
plugin image. 

To get back to "Squeakland image", on rpm-understanding Linuxes, the image can 
be downloaded as the file "squeakland-3.8-1.noarch.rpm".This the rpm installs 
(among some images etc) two important files

	/usr/bin/squeakland (link to /usr/share/squeak/npsqueakrun - more on this 

> Is the vm different too? Or is the only difference the npspeak.so file
> and the symbolic link it creates
>  (e.g. create symbolic link `/usr/lib/firefox-1.5/plugins/npsqueak.so' to
>  `/usr/lib/squeak/3.7-7/npsqueak.so')

The VM on the squeakland site now is "squeak-vm-3.7i7sl-4.i386.rpm". I think 
it is packaged differently from a "dev version of 3.7" VM. It installs, most 
importantly, these files:

/usr/lib/squeak/3.7-7/squeak (exe)
/usr/bin/squeak (link to the above)
/usr/share/squeak/npsqueakrun (exe, linked from /usr/bin/squeakland )

Notice that the location of the "npsqueak*" files is same as location of 

Now, the "Developement Version": Depending on your version of your 
"developement Squeak VM + image", the locations where it installs are likely 
different from where the Squeakland version installs, so it should NOT clash 
and be overwritten by the "Squeakland versions" if you install both. Please 
do not take only my word for it though, as I am typically using a different 
setup (more below). For example, my "developement 3.9 VM" is now installed 

/usr/local/lib/squeak/3.9-7/squeak (exe)
/usr/local/bin/squeak (link to above)

So it seem if 3.9 VM+image is installed first, then "Squeakland", the only 
thing potentially overwritten would be, after Squeakland's "npsqueakregister" 
registers the plugin, your plugin would be the one from Squeakland which is 
likely what you want.

Having said that, I typically try to use developement (non-squeakland) version 
of VM with the Squeakland's plugin, I do something like this to get the 
Squeakland image in my installs:
	1) Install the "dev" version of VM+Image
	2) Find, somewhere, the Squeakland version of SqueakPlugin.image (for example 
by semi-installing Sqeuakland's squeakland-3.8-1.noarch.rpm).
	3) Copy the Squeakland's version of SqueakPlugin.image over the "developement 
version", for example /usr/local/lib/sqeak/SqueakPlugin.image
	4) run the npsqueakregister

> I'm afraid the squeakland vm will overwrite my current vm. Is that
> needless worrying?
> Can I run them independently (that is without changing directories and
> creating links so they don't interfere in the "default" installation
> process)

As I suggested above I think you should be OK if you install both VMs and 
image rpms, but please verify that (e.g. by looking at the target 
directories, or asking someone more qualified than me :)  before taking the 


> =======================
> BTW: I receive this error:
> 'Error loading
> http://www.squeakland.org/uploads/WeaselEssay1.015/resource.10.form
>  when loading the project on this page:
> http://www.squeakland.org/whatis/a_essays.html
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