[Squeakland] Setting Up a Server to Handle Squeak Projects

Miguel At Squeakland miguel at squeakland.org
Tue May 30 07:23:34 PDT 2006

Hello all,

The URL noted in the last entry to this thread doesn't exist at 
all.  Please let me know where the dead link resides and I will correct.

The detection process is automatic and kicks in when the Download 
Squeak link is used.

Thanks in advance for the help finding the dead link.

Miguel Perez

At 11:28 AM 5/29/2006, you wrote:
>Milan Zimmermann wrote:
>>>2.  Will detection of the plugin be semi-automatic? I.e., if a user
>>>without the plugin tries to download a Squeak project, will he get an
>>>error, an ugly binary dump or something meaningful?
>> >From what I remember, in the life without the plugin in all my 
>> browsers, if
>>done "correctly" it will redirect user to the site where to find the plugin.
>>If you use the simple version on top, it will do it right.
>when visiting this URI:
>and clicking on the page area of the missing plugin, the "Manual 
>Install" points to a non-existent page. This error is received:
>Not Found
>The requested URL /plugin/detect/detectinstaller.html was not found 
>on this server.
>"download the plugin" link works, though.
>(I've copied the squeakland ml so they'll know the error at the web page)
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>Squeakland at squeakland.org

All the best,

Miguel Perez

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