[Squeakland] eToys interface showed Smalltalk object browser when clicking on inspect/eye halo button

Guyren Howe guyren at mac.com
Mon Nov 6 20:46:49 PST 2006

Just did my first eToys group today. It went really well! After one  
hour, a dozen computers were covered with sprites moving in all kinds  
of ways, covered in turtle trails, making a huge cacophany. The  
students all did more than I expected in the time.

My puzzle is this: I got there an hour before the class, and went  
round all the computers, going to the Squeakland website, and running  
the installer on each of the computers. Identical stpes on 16 computers.

During the group, one of the students called me over. She'd been at  
the computer for five or ten minutes by this point. On this machine,  
when you click on an eToy, click on its eye/inspect halo button,  
rather than the normal eToy inspector, we got what seems to be some  
kind of smalltalk browser. I clicked around a bit, and I couldn't  
find anything in that window that would show the regular eToy  
inspector, nor any other way of bringing up the eToy inspector, nor  
what she might have done to cause this change in behavior.

Comments? (cause/fix/workaround)


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