[Squeakland] Am I the only one left ....

Jim Ford jaford at watford53.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Dec 1 07:30:57 PST 2007

.... from the U.K. on this list?

It's depressing to see all the interest and contributions from all over 
the world - except the U.K.. I guess that because the transition from 
the 19th to the 20th Century was so painful for us, having made it, 
we're reluctant to repeat the experience for the transition from the 
20th to the 21st!

It's particularly depressing that in spite of our Colonial history, the 
U.K. doesn't appear to be getting involved in the One Laptop per Child 
initiative.  The school where I work as a Science Technician has a link 
to a school in South Africa. We are an independent (private/non-state) 
school with the students coming from well-off families, and I should 
imagine that a fund raising scheme to provide our link school with some 
laptops would be feasible. Unfortunately a major hurdle would be that 
the decision makers would be quite baffled by the XO laptop - 'How can 
it possibly be a computer if it doesn't run a version of Windows and MS 
Office?' - and I include the IT department in this attitude! I've spoken 
to the member of staff responsible for liason with the link school about 
the XO laptop, and whilst there was mild curiosity, they haven't 
reported back and don't appear to be following it up.

Give me cause for some optimism someone - please!

Jim Ford

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