[Squeakland] silence trashcan?

Mark Nelson prof.mark.nelson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 08:14:16 PST 2007

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the tip.  Setting the trash can Book sound effect to "silence"
works fine until the trash is emptied. After emptying the trash, I guess a
new book gets created, which brings back the default 'camera' sound effect.
Where does the default page turn sound get set? I'd like to set it to
'silence' for all Books, but I'm not sure how to do that. I looked at
'initialize' in BookMorph and BooklikeMorph, but didn't see it there.

As a workaround, I simply commented out the appropriate line in
BooklikeMorph >> playPageFlipSound, so that page turns are always and
forever silent. However, this could be problematic if a student creates a
book and actually wants to turn sound effects back on.


On Dec 11, 2007 11:25 PM, Scott Wallace <scott.wallace at squeakland.org>

> Hi, Mark,
> What you're hearing is the "page flip sound" made when the Trash
> "Book" is turned to a new page which will accommodate the item just
> added to the trash.
> So to silence it, double-click on a trashcan, bring up the Trash's
> "book" menu, choose "sound effect for all pages", and then select
> "silence" as the desired sound.
> Arguably it's a bug that a page-flip sound is made in this case, which
> we should fix in short order.  In the meantime, the above procedure
> should bring you the silence you seek.
> Cheers,
>   -- Scott
> PS:  In a current Squeakland image, the Trash's "book" menu can be
> obtained by clicking on the black dot in its header.  In an OLPC-etoys
> image, bring up the halo on the trash tool, and from the halo menu
> choose "book..." to get the trash's "book" menu.  In that book menu,
> click on "visual and sound effects..." and from the resulting submenu
> choose "set sound effect for all pages", and choose "silence" at the
> desired sound effect.
> On Dec 11, 2007, at 7:21 PM, Mark Nelson wrote:
> > How do I silence the 'camera' sound when items go to the trash bin,
> > while keeping the 'preserve trash' functionality? I thought I had
> > this solved when I found the "TrashCanMorph >> playDeleteSound"
> > message, but this is a 'ping' sound that plays simultaneously along
> > with the 'camera' sound. I successfullly eliminated the 'ping' by
> > commenting it out in "TrashCanMorph >> moveToTrash" but I haven't
> > been able to figure out who's responsible for generating the
> > 'camera' sound.
> > Thanks,
> > --Mark
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