[Squeakland] Squeak fails to run after install: security problems?

Michael Rueger michael at squeakland.org
Wed Feb 7 12:40:24 PST 2007

korakurider wrote:

 >    In squeakland image, "the security plugin" is enabled
 > by default.  Each user have his own crypt key file
 > "squeak.keys" located in folder
 > "C:\program files\squeak\plugin\(username)".
 >    The folder and file are created on first run of the
 > user.  Your "normal user" might not be able to create
 > them.
 >    A workaround is to arrange other location for them by
 > "SecureDirectory" setting in Squeak.INI, that is located
 > in same folder as squeak.exe.  The documentation for the
 > INI file is:
 > http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/3274 .

One modification to the Squeak.ini file that resides in the Squeak 
installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Squeak\Plugin) could be to 


This would direct Squeak to use the respective user's home directory to 
create the files it needs.


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