[Squeakland] Doing a presentation of Squeak with Squeak as a presentation tool

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire2006 at laposte.net
Mon Feb 26 10:42:18 PST 2007

Alan Kay a écrit :

> prevented it. Your method of saving a template as a project and reloaded 
> is the best way to go now.
> It is not possible to merge two projects (and it's not completely clear 
> what that would mean in all cases). Why not just have the 3rd party 
> project be one of the projects in your presentation and go to it in 
> sequence? That's what I do.

Yes, it will be just fine that way. I put a not so nice template on our 
superwiki http://ofset.org:8000/super/252

Stephane, yes I already know about your demo-image, and I took 
inspiration from them. It helps me to figure out the use of the thread 
navigator :)


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