[Squeakland] Squeaking Physics

Eric Eisaman eric.eisaman at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 13:28:07 PST 2007

Hello Squeakers,

I have been using Squeak for about a year now with my physics classes. We
are currently engaged in a project unit with the common thread being simple
harmonic motion. We started with a mass on a spring system. (See attached.)
Our next activity involves making a simple three string bleach bottle banjo
with a simple electric pickup system. Finally we will be making a simple LC
circuit filter to remove some of the signal transduced by the pickup system.
We have been attempting to model all of our exploits in Squeak.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to model a sound generated by
tightening or loosening a banjo string so that the sound produced is over a
continuous range of frequency?

I have attached my previous mass on a spring model tutorial for anyone who
is interested.

Eric Eisaman

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