[Squeakland] [Q] How to instantiate Geemail objects

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Jun 13 10:29:27 PDT 2007


  Geemail is there in the Squeakland image.  But, it is laden with
obscure features that are useful for those who knows it well (as well
as the developers of itself) and tend to have bugs (for the same
reason; for the developers, it is easier to work around these bugs).
It appears that the fix for this problem was to make it harder to get
to it^^;

  If you really would like to try it out and understand there is no
warranty, there is a way:

  - Open a Text from the Supplies Bin.
  - Replace the word "Text" with this line:

       GeeMailMorph new openInWorld

    Make sure the capitalization and spacing is correct.  (you can
    resize the Text if you like.)

  - Then, make sure there is no text selection made (i.e., you should
    see just a text insertion line) and press Alt-d or Cmd-d (on
    Windows, hold the Alt key and hit 'D' key, on Mac, hold the apple
    key and hid 'D' key.)

This will open a Geemail.  Some features are in the context menu, and you
can drop other morphs onto it.

-- Yoshiki

At Fri, 8 Jun 2007 22:15:41 -0400,
Young-Jin Lee wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would like to know how to instantiate Geemail objects in the
> squeakland image (or in the general squeak image). In fact, I was
> looking for an etoy object that would allow me to put text, image, and
> scripts altogether. I came across en etoy object called Geemail from
> web searching, but could not figure out how to create it using
> Squekland image.
> I also would like to know how to customize the "supplies" bin of the
> Squeakland image. e.g., I want to put Geemail object in the "Supplies"
> bins.
> Could you please teach me how to do these?
> Thanks in advance.
> Young-Jin Lee
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