[Squeakland] Bug on Bookmorph and a Question about Weasell Esay

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Sun Mar 25 08:24:27 PST 2007

Hi all,

This list has been a little silent these days (I thing that it is 
because of the movement on the OLPC etoys mailing list). So let's move 
the list a little :-).

I have been working with my students on Squeak and they have found a bug 
on Bookmorph. When they create a book with markers (I think that is the 
english translation for "señaladores") and export it as a pr file, when 
they open it again the markers just simply vanished. I have probe this 
with Extremadura's Squeak and with Squeakland and the behavior is the 
same. In the last one I get this messages:

a SimpleButtonMorph (3606) that was not counted
a SimpleButtonMorph (992) that was not counted

I have attached the project.

Other thing is that some pr files looks fine in the firefox browser with 
the squeak plugin:


but others don't:


and the squeak plugin just try to load the project with any success.

Finally I was trying to make an example of why squeak books are not 
"like power point" using an active essay and I used the Weasel Essay on 
evlution with mutation of characters. In this essay there are embedded 
scripts in the pages of the stack that are different from what we're 
used on "classical etoys". They look more like Tweak scripts. ¿There is 
any pointer to documentation on that feature?

Thanks a lot,


A last question really (for the moment): Its possible to load BotsInc 
environment on Squeakland's image?
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