[Squeakland] newest etoys image?

Bruce O'Neel squeak at pckswarms.ch
Mon Oct 1 03:05:58 PDT 2007


Along these lines, the current squeakland image contains the Balloon 
3D classes, but, the current etoys one does not.

Is it planned that the new squeakland image will have the 3D classes?




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Sujet: [Squeakland] newest etoys image?
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>Hi all,
>I'm making some narrated video walkthroughs of Etoys next week, to  
>help people get up to speed more easily.
>I'd like to make them with the most current OLPC Etoys image so the  
>video looks identical to the XOs.   I'm building Sugar, etc, on a  
>Ubuntu box, and have the Chicago Etoys image (070726).
>1. Should I get the image from the sugar build?  (it builds Etoys  
>apparently, but not sure if it's the newest)
>2. If not, is there a better place to get the newest one?
>3. Are we code complete (at least with Etoys) for XO MP?
>The videos will be for Project Waveplace (http://waveplace.com), but  
>I'll make them general enough for anyone to use.  I'll post them  
>publicly on the waveplace site.
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