[Squeakland] Re: Video tutorials from Squeakland Digest, Vol 54, Issue 11

Richard Karpinski dick at cfcl.com
Sun Oct 14 12:18:42 PDT 2007

>> I'll make Windows & Linux installation movies in the next day or  
>> so.   I've
>> switched my capture machine to one that has Parallels, so I can  
>> easily switch
>> between Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu.   A real benefit is that I  
>> can do some
>> movies using the Sugar interface in Ubuntu, which I'll do when I  
>> get into how
>> to load and save projects in Etoys.  I'll probably show all ways  
>> to do it (all
>> platforms) ... haven't decided yet.

I've enjoyed the three I've seen, but the one I really want to see is  
the one that details how you do it. Let's have the tutorial on making  
video tutorials in Etoys. This would help others join you in this  
worthwhile exercise.


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