[Squeakland] OLPC pen trails for turtle graphics

Simon Guest simon.guest at tesujimath.org
Sun Oct 21 07:12:54 PDT 2007

At Sat, 20 Oct 2007 21:55:54 -0700,
Scott Wallace wrote:
> Hi, Simon,
> Set the "batch pen trails" option to false to get the behavior you're  
> expecting.  This option can be found in the "pen trails" menu of any  
> playfield, and also in the "world's" pen-trails menu.
> Note that batch-pen-trails is turned off by default starting with  
> etoys2.2 update level 1695.


Thanks for that - now it does just what I wanted.

(I was unintentionally running an older version that I got from
tinlizzie site a little while ago.  Have since moved to the latest
update level 1715.)


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