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Bill Kerr billkerr at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 20:06:38 PDT 2007

thanks bert, karl

but still can't get the functionality I want with only a global

eg. to make a simple shooter
I have one script to move the shooter right and left - using right and left
Another script to prime the bullet, so it starts in the same position as the
shooter - I have arbitarily used the z key for this
Another script to shoot the bullet - I have used space bar for this

But if I shoot the bullet and then move the shooter then the bullet suddenly
And I want to make a sound once only when the bullet fires, can't see how to
do that because the script to fire the bullet has to tick continually

Converting my visual scripts to text:

    World1 getLastKeystroke =3D '<right>' ~~ false
        ifTrue: [self setHeading: 90.
            self forward: 5].
    World1 getLastKeystroke =3D '<left>' ~~ false
        ifTrue: [self setHeading: -90.0.
            self forward: 5]

    World1 getLastKeystroke =3D 'z' ~~ false
        ifTrue: [Bullet setY: self getY.
            Bullet setX: self getX]

    World1 getLastKeystroke =3D ' ' ~~ false
        ifTrue: [self setHeading: 0.0.
            self forward: 10]

By comparison it's much easier using GameMaker, which has localised (to
objects) keyboard and keypress events and distinct movement and  speed

Information about object: objBear

Keyboard Event for <Left> Key:
move relative to position (-4,0)

Keyboard Event for <Right> Key:
move relative to position (4,0)

Key Press Event for <Space> Key:
create instance of object objBullet at position (objBear.x,objBear.y)

Information about object: objBullet

Create Event:
start moving in directions 000000010 with speed set to 10
play sound sndShot; looping: false

I see making a shooter, eg. a space invaders simulation, as a nice first
game activity for children, one that many find highly motivating

-- =

Bill Kerr

On 10/28/07, karl <karl.ramberg at comhem.se> wrote:
> Bill Kerr wrote:
> > I can't see any capability for keyboard commands
> > (important requirement for serious game making)
> Key input is a property of the world. Make a viewer on the world and one
> of the categories has keyboard input.
> Karl
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