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Emilio Oca eoca at afip.gov.ar
Wed Nov 12 03:37:54 PST 2008

Hi Magnus,

I am interested on this issue but as I have no previous experience on
porting something that should be maintained at both ends, and  I am
pretty ignorant on web issues; I just started to use it on VW for a

But I'll be glad to help.

The "ifNotNil: [:p | p doSomething] should have no parameters" is a
known issue, discussed several times on the squeak list, let me search
a bit.

I think that SmaCC works ok on squeak. It shouldn't be any problem
using the Squeak Smacc port. The underscore char is used instead of
:=3D , so is an illegal char at the beginning of a method. But I think
there is a configurable preference on this.

I am cross posting to the squeak list, may be more help is available there.

Looking the way the seaside packages are maintained for inter-dialect
portability may be a good idea.



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On 11/12/08, Magnus Schwarz <magnus at heeg.de> wrote:
> As nobody from the Squeak community did it by now and Gerhard Obermann
>  "complained" ;) that there is no Monticello version of seaBreeze I
>  decided to give it a try and port seaBreeze to Squeak.
>  Main Problem was/is that I am used to work with Visualworks and Squeak
>  is somewhat different ;)
>  I managed to load a lot of stuff into a Pier one-click image (decided to
>  use this because it should have the Seaside stuff already loaded) but
>  ran into some obstacles where an experienced Squeaker might help me:
>  - I had many methods using "ifNotNil: [:p | p doSomething]" where Squeak
>  complained that the block should have no parameters - I changed the
>  implementation in Squeak so that it should work but it still complained
>  (and did not compile)
>  - The CSSParser was built with SmaCC which generates lots of methods
>  with underscores in it; now Squeak complains about the underscores but I
>  do not really understand what the problem is
>  Biggest problem seemed to be the use of SXOR - we might make porting
>  much easier by deciding to drop this and use LiteralArrays (or whatever)
>  in seaBreeze ...
>  Magnus
>  --
>  Magnus Schwarz * certified Scrum Master / Smalltalk architect * mailto:m=
agnus.schwarz at heeg.de
>  phone:+49 231 97599-0 * fax:+49 231 97599-20
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