[Squeakland] Please visit the new Etoys website!

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Thu Sep 11 19:19:44 PDT 2008

Hi Kim,

It's really great.  Nice work everyone!  I really loved the showcase.  I
installed the plugin and it worked great.  My daughter has been playing with
my XO and she loves eToys and turtle art.  I really love the sim-city :)
it's the same version I used to play with as a kid (way back when).

Anyway great work, love the new site!  It's terrific.

Ron Teitelbaum

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> Greetings!
> Many of you have started, or will shortly be starting, a new academic
> year at your school or University.  We wish you a successful and fun-
> filled new school year!
> We have just launched our new Etoys web site to coincide with the new
> academic year.  It is still found at "www.squeakland.org", but its
> design and content are all new.  It features a brand-new version of
> Etoys for download, which we will announce in a separate message.
> We hope you'll find the new site simpler to navigate, more
> straightforward in sharing our message, and loaded with helpful
> content.  New materials include complete video from the "Squeakers"
> DVD and a series of "screencast" lessons, thanks to Tim Falconer of
> Waveplace.  You'll also find some new tutorials and a showcase of
> projects.  Also on the site are web versions of over 50
> "QuickGuides", created by Kathleen Harness of Illinois, which provide
> concise tutorials for many things about Etoys.  Living versions of
> the QuickGuides can also be found "inboard" in the new Etoys
> application itself (click on the ? at the left edge of the tool-bar).
> The "showcase" section on the new site has very few projects on it at
> this point -- please share your projects to help populate this area!
> We intend the site to be a living, continuously-evolving resource, a
> showcase and clearinghouse for "all things about Etoys."   Please
> help it evolve and grow.  The site will be largely maintained and
> supported by volunteers, so we need your contributions as well as
> your suggestions.
> We will also be producing a quarterly newsletter that will be posted
> to the site (and sent to you via email if you choose to subscribe) so
> please share your experiences with us!
> Thanks to you all for your interest in this learning community.  We
> look forward to exchanging ideas, projects, and more.
> regards,
> Kim Rose & the Etoys team
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