[Squeakland] new etoys comments, questions

Michael Rueger m.rueger at acm.org
Sun Sep 21 08:26:32 PDT 2008

Bill Kerr wrote:
> Some of the new features on etoys are great and / or look really 
> interesting.
> Here are some comments and questions about the new etoys (running on 
> Windows) based on a preliminary look:
> 1) Default saving goes to a non existent folder C:\My Pictures\My Squeak 
> and so saving fails. Solve this problem by holding down the mouse button 
> on the Keep icon and then an option to navigate to a desired folder 
> becomes available. This is not explained on the balloon help of the Keep 
> icon, although it is explained on the balloon help of the Find icon.

You mean saving a project tries to save in that location?
Which Windows and etoys version are you using?
Did you start it standalone or in the browser?


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